January 17, 2017

Antminer S9 - Bitmain - 14 Th/s

Antminer S9 is built on the BM1387 ASIC Chip. It is the world’s most efficient bitcoin mining chip in 2016/17. FinFET technology delivers 0.098 J/GHs. Each Antminer S9 has 189 chips inside.

Antminer S9 technical data sheet:

  • Bitcoin Mining Hashrate: 11TH/s (Batch 22) & 14TH/s (Batch 23)
  • Power Usage: 1078W +10% (Batch 22) & 1372W +10% (Batch 23)
  • Efficiency: 0.098 J/GH +10%
  • Device Dimensions: 350mm(L) x 135mm(W) x 158mm(H)
  • Temperature when mining up to 40°C
Antminer S9 has also a very friendly user interface which allows you to start mining bitcoin on the way - no advanced setup is needed in order to run the device.

The Antminer S9 has a hashrate of 14 Th/s and a nominal power consumption of 1375 watts

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