September 16, 2014

Why use online bitcoin miners?

Why use online bitcoin miners? Hashlet is a virtual altcoin mining device available in the cloud environment. You can use it almost immediately and scale its features to meet your needs. Hashlet miners can mine sha-256 and scrypt altcoins in the most effective auto-switching pools.

Advantages of using online bitcoin miners:

  • no need to bother with cabling, setup, air conditioning etc.
  • easy scalable
  • maintenance fees included in miner's cost
  • auto switching to mine most profitable scrypt altcoins
  • auto convert all mined altcoins to bitcoin
  • you own your online miners forever
  • ability to trade or sell your miners

If you want to mine bitcoins without maintaining your own hardware at home or in office this is a solution for you. Visit for more details.

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