Bitcoin Mining At Home

A few years ago it was very easy to mine bitcoins on an ordinary home PC with a decent GPU card. But those times are gone forever. Today it is almost impossible to mine bitcoins directly at home without investing large amount of money for a new ASIC mining hardware.

But there are other possibilites such as bitcoin cloud mining which allows almost everyone to mine bitcoins on their own and join the growing world of magic internet money. Now it is even possible to generate bitcoins on an Android smartphone.

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Best options for mining bitcoins at home today:

  • Cloud Bitcoin Mining - buy GH/s ASIC mining power directly online. You can purchase as many mining power as you need to generate daily income from online bitcoin mining.
  • Renting A Bitcoin Mining Rig - rent one or more of many ASIC rigs available. You can rent for couple of hours of days, from 10 GH/s to 100+ TH/s of ASIC hardware mining power.
  • Generating Bitcoins On A Smartphone - read below for details, this not not a direct method but it works.

You don't have to purchase expensive hardware to mine bitcoins at home. You can easily rent mining hashpower online. Here is an example of a bitcoin mining facility:

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