April 8, 2017

BITMAIN AntRouter R1: 1st WiFi Device with a BTC Mining Chip

The AntRouter R1 is a wireless networking device containing a bitcoin mining chip. The R1 is preconfigured to mine on AntPool’s solo mode, meaning that as long as the device is powered, you are competing for a chance to solve a block and win the entire block reward of 12,5 bitcoins.

Main features of the AntRouter R1:
  • General Wireless Router
  • Mini WiFi Access Point
  • High Speed USB Charger
  • Bitcoin Mining Host 
  • Bitcoin Mining Hashrate: 5,5 GH/s
See it in action - mining with a AntRouter R1 device:

This is a good mining device for home use. The hashrate is not quite high but it can be used for home-based bitcoin mining without any problems. 5.5 GH/s can be also pointed to any other SHA-256 cryptocurrency.

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