March 28, 2017

Avalon A7 Bitcoin Miner Specs

AvalonMiner 721: The ROQ Solid Miner. The AvalonMiner 721 is made with Reliable Open Quality. Bitcoin mining with this hardware features:

  • 6THash @ 900W @ $888
  • 0.15J/GHash or 150W/THash/s
  • $0.15/GHash/s or  .21BTC/THash/s

AvalonMiner 721 packs 72 A3212 chips into each unit providing a consistent 6 Terahash per second (THS) at 900 Watts, all designed for long lasting operation.

From upgradable Open Source firmware to using Off-the-Shelf Simple power supplies, controllers, and AvalonMiner Management Software (AMS), Canaan’s goal is to help you manage datacenters, not machines. 

The AvalonMiner 721 is a datacenter miner. With aluminum printed circuit boards (PCBs), aluminum case, Smart Cooling, and Smart Frequency Adjustment, the AvalonMiner 721 is the Smart Miner.

AvalonMiner 721 by Canaan Creative Co., Ltd.
  • Hash rate: 6Th/s -5% - +10%
  • Power consumption: 900 W -5% - +15%
  • Operating temperature: -5C to 40C
  • Dimensions: 340mm x 136mm x 150mm
  • Cooling fans: 12038 PWM fan X1
  • Net weight: 4.3 Kg

After running mine for a day, it stabilised at 6.3Th for 1040W at the wall, though I'm using gold PSUs so expect a bit less power usage with platinum. The more interesting thing is when I undervolted it to 4700mV, it seemed quite stable at 770W for about 10% less hashrate. Lower levels of voltage seemed to kill the hashrate or were unstable.