October 13, 2013

Bitcoin mining in the cloud

Bitcoin mining is a process of generating bitcoins using hashing functions. At the beginning (in 2009) a single personals computer could generate bitcoins daily. When the CPU mining era ended, GPU mining started. 2012/13 is the time of ASIC bitcoin mining. Specialized ASIC devices are used to generate bitcoins.
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  1. Bitcoin is more than just a cryptocurrency, or money for the internet, it is a set of programming protocols that can be applied to any information system. Bitcoin has become something of a fad in the west, used by the technologically savvy as a means of displaying wealth in our increasingly virtual world. In contrast, to those in developing nations, Bitcoin provides an opportunity to participate in a global financial system that was previously inaccessible. bitcoin transaction accelerator

  2. This is fascinating. I had only ever heard of the idea of a "darknet" in the broadest terms, so I'm glad to have a firmer grasp on the concept. I am intrigued and quite curious.
    Paul Brown